[NSFW] You Need to See This Visceral Anti-Trump Protest Anthem

(Photo: Abdel Ibrahim via Youtube)

[NSFW] You Need to See This Visceral Anti-Trump Protest Anthem

Brought to you by some Baltimore teens.

Published March 29, 2016

Nearly one year after the Baltimore Uprising, the city's youth is rising up again to protest the hateful campaign of Donald Trump. Like generations of young people before them, these kids are using music to make their point.

A local rap collective, identified as Dooley x Tlow x Lor Roger, released a snippet of a new track called "F**k Trump" with a promise to drop the full version tomorrow (Wednesday). "You say you'd date your own daughter / You're a sicko / That's why that n***a tried to poke you in Ohio / That's why they shut your a** down in Chicago," begins one verse. See the rest below:

A video posted by Dooley (@dooleyfunny) on

Of course, right wing blogs aren't letting this one slide. "Teen Thugs Carrying Shovels and Clubs Threaten to Shoot Donald Trump in Rap Video," reads the headline of The Gateway Pundit, one conservative blog. Reporter Mark Dice posted a video about the track to his YouTube channel, offering to "decode the ghetto speak" for his audience, and calls the teens "mentally-enslaved millennials." Dice adds that "mainstream rap music is pure poison for the soul."

Um, OK. Wonder how Mr. Rice and his colleagues feel about Trump's encouragement of violence against protesters at his rallies? Does free speech only apply to white supremacists? Oh, right, they're just "angry" because they're "passionate" about what's happening in their country:

(Photo: Abdel Ibrahim via Youtube)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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