Why Did This Stripper Bite a Man’s Crotch During a Lap Dance?

(Photo: Rock County Sheriffâ  s Department)

Why Did This Stripper Bite a Man’s Crotch During a Lap Dance?

Ouch, that's gonna leave a mark.

Published March 29, 2016

Most men go to strip clubs to blow off some steam with erotic fun and excitement and to be of the first to hear breaking hip-hop records. Well, Derick Roth, 24, got much more than excitement and a new playlist while visiting a Wisconsin strip club last Thursday.

Ross was apparently bit in the crotch by Diamond Jim's strip club dancer Mesheokia White during a lap dance.

According to Roth the incident occurred when he gave the dancer “a few dollars to do her thing.” After that, Roth told White to “place her head into his crotch” and that's when it happened.

At approximately 1:45 a.m. White allegedly bit Roth’s crotch. Police were called to the strip club shortly after the biting. Ms. White seemed to be intoxicated, according to authorities. When questioned about the incident, officers say, Ms. White “didn't remember anything” concerning the incident.

Even though White did not recall the incident, the video surveillance system did. The club security system confirms Mr. Roth's story. The erotic dancer was arrested and sent to Rock County Jail. She was charged with battery.

As for Mr. Roth, it is still unclear if he sustained any major injuries from the incident, but it's safe to say that was one lap dance he'll never forget.

As for why Ms. White bit Mr. Roth's crotch, the world may never know. 

What we do know? Always take heed to Chris Rock's great advice and refrain from sexual activity in the champagne room. 

(Photo from top: Rock County Sheriff’s Department, Derick Roth via Facebook, Mesheokia White via Facebook, Diamond Jim's via Facebook)

Written by Reggie Wade


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