Homeless Man Begs for Change But Gets a Whole Lot More

(Photo: Cesia Abigail Baires via Facebook)

Homeless Man Begs for Change But Gets a Whole Lot More

Cesi Abi's act of kindness transformed his life.

Published March 30, 2016

The homeless population is, most of the time, at best invisible and at worst treated like pariahs, but one woman's act of kindness to a man who was down on his luck is making people rethink how they'd react the next time someone asks them for change.

When a homeless man named Marcus stood outside Cesi Abi's cafe asking for spare change, she decided to open more than her wallet and offered him a job instead. It began when Abi asked the man why he didn't have a job, and he shared with her that tragic circumstances beyond his control led him to "stealing and asking for money." 

She posted the story, along with a picture of Marcus hard at work, to her Facebook page and the post has received nearly 150K likes and almost 50K shares. Read the full story here:

He came in to the cafe one day asking me for some $$. I looked at him and asked him "why don't you have a job, you know...

Posted by Cesi Abi on Friday, March 25, 2016

Marcus has now worked at Abi's Cafe for two weeks and has not been late for a shift once. Marcus has become the cafe's do-it-all employee, and Cesi says he's not only a great staffer, but a loyal customer as well. "Once I pay him, guess what he does? He buys food from my restaurant," she says, adding, "We don't know their situation...some deserve another shot. God gave me this blessing so why can't I bless others?"

Cesi's story, and viral post, goes to show that sometimes all it takes is an act of kindness to break the Internet.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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