[Watch] Pregnant Pole Dancer Shows Off Crazy Skills

Handout image from Cleo the Hurricane [cleo@cleothehurricane.com]  (Photo: www.cleothehurricane.com / www.cleosrocknpole.com)

[Watch] Pregnant Pole Dancer Shows Off Crazy Skills

She’s eight months pregnant and working an eight-inch heel.

Published March 31, 2016

Jill McLean, aka Cleo the Hurricane, refuses to let a little baby bump get in the way of her amazing pole moves. The 36-year-old professional pole dancer and instructor decided to show the world that getting pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop being sexy.

In her blog, The Pregnant Pole Dancer, she explains, “I am not going to write a speech justifying what I do, as a pole dancer and now as a soon-to-be-mother. But I will say this... As women we all want to feel sexy, this is how I feel sexy... YES.. dressing up as a cop in 8" heels and posing for a picture, or doing the splits. This is how I express myself.”

After posting the pics on her blog and instagram, the haters came out in droves. One Facebook user commented, “You’re pregnant. Show some respect for your body #noclass.”

Well, if there’s one thing that is clear about Cleo, it’s that she does respect her body. She respects and owns her sexuality enough to share how liberating she finds pregnancy.

Women should be able to celebrate their bodies, pregnant or not, in whichever fashion they choose.

Besides, while carrying a living child she can still slay a vertical split in eight-inch platforms.

Get it, Cleo! 

Shot at Cleo's Rock N Pole BRAND new location in Los Angeles! Watch out pole world, I'm competition ready with my new signature move - the baby belly rub!Wearing Sonic Siren #cleohotpants in turquoise coming out real soon! <3www.cleothehurricane.com

Posted by Cleo The Hurricane on Monday, January 25, 2016

Call the pole-ice! I'll be on Sunrise in Australia tomorrow!

Posted by Cleo The Hurricane on Sunday, March 20, 2016

I've definitely noticed my flexibility regressing since being pregnant... However I can still do a side spreadie pretty easily!! Woohoo!!! Birth ready baby!

Posted by Cleo The Hurricane on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

(Photo: www.cleothehurricane.com / www.cleosrocknpole.com)

Written by Rachel Herron


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