[Watch] All the Feels: Little Girl Who Cried for Obama Finally Meets Him!

(Photo: The White House via Twitter)

[Watch] All the Feels: Little Girl Who Cried for Obama Finally Meets Him!

And her smile is priceless.

Published March 31, 2016

Who can forget when Caprina Harris shared a video of her grandaughter, Kameria crying over her discovery that President Barack Obama is on his way out of the White House. The clip went viral and even prompted a response from POTUS himself, telling the little girl she didn't have to worry and though he's leaving the White House, he's still a proud American citizen.

This week, President Obama did Caprina and Kameria one better and invited them to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Kameria not only got to meet the president she loves so much, but shared a hug with him as well:

It all started when Kameria, who shares a birthday with the president, reportedly wrote him a letter in which she told the Commander in Chief, "I don't want you to leave the White House. I want to meet you before you leave the White House."

Kameria may want to consider this the best belated birthday gift of all time, as she got to spend time with both POTUS and First Lady Michelle, a rare treat for a 9-year-old. When she told the president that she's been studying hard in school, he told her, "You've got to be the reader now."

The Obamas have been playing hosts to special White House guests, both young and old. Watch Barack and Michelle dancing with 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin with BET News:

(Photo: The White House via Twitter)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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