[Photos] Transgender Teens are Sharing Their Journeys With a Viral Hashtag

[Photos] Transgender Teens are Sharing Their Journeys With a Viral Hashtag

#MomentsInTransition is winning the Internet today.

Published March 31, 2016

Transgender teens are taking to social media to proudly share their stories of transition with a hashtag that is sweeping social media. #MomentsInTransition was started by 17-year-old Gabrielle Diana, who shared her own experience on Instagram with a photo and a poignant message. 

"I used to wear my moms dresses and make-up...I was just a gay boy experimenting with my image," she wrote. "But now I'm a transitioning woman, almost getting to the next step of a major surgery that I never imagined would be in the cards."

I was scrolling through my old photos, just reminiscing on old times. I never really like to go back to these times in my life, but something about seeing the image on the left have so much happiness for where I am now. I remember this time in my life so vividly for a time I always tried to forget. I was a rebel, smoked cigarettes, didn't do homework, wore absolutely horrible makeup, and didn't have a care in the world. I was also highly depressed, felt trapped, unhappy, and fucking low. I was obsessed with @jeffreestar and @gigigorgeous, I wanted so badly to find ME. It took a while, for sure. I used to wear my moms dresses and makeup, and it wasn't easy in the beginning since I wasn't transitioning, I was just a gay boy experminenting with my image, but now I'm a transitioning woman, almost getting to the next step of a major surgery that I never imagined would be in the cards. I thought about my life, thought about the fact that this dream I had is finally becoming something REAL and I wouldn't have it any other way. I look back on my past and I'm not ashamed of it, I'm not embarrassed. I don't really ever say my name that I used before I started living happily because I never connected with that name but I connect with how Gabrielle always existed, subconsciously. From my days in elementary school to my days in high school, I'm so fucking happy, I've never been more happy and I can't believe this is fucking real. Half of the people who follow me don't know even one part of the struggles and hell I endured on the road to happiness but my struggles made me a confident young woman, and I'm truly fucking blown away because if you asked me 3 years ago, I would have genuinely thought I would be dead if I couldn't explore this world of gender identity that led me to transitioning. I love you all, I love you all, you helped me be free, thank you so much. #transisbeautiful #transisreal #girlslikeus #momentsintransition

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Following her powerful message of hope and personal strength, many of her followers and supporters took to Twitter to share their own stories and pictures of transition:

Gabrielle told DailyMailOnline that she has been happily surprised by the reaction and response her message has received: "Our transitions are completely personal and these moments are defining as who we are, also remember that we are always developing as people and we have no real idea of what the future holds for us!"

She continued, "I was inspired by many things. Particularly looking through old photos of me...I saw how much progression I've made, and I thought of how far I've come instead of thinking about the desires I have for the future."

Another one of her goals was to raise awareness about trans rights, as she knows there is still a lot to be done. "I would like to believe that there is more acceptance and understanding but the reality is, the more we gain representation and recognition, the more people want to fight against us." She added, "There is still a long way to go for the trans community, and we are doing the most we can to create awareness, now it's up to the people who are targeting us to end the violence towards trans identifying people."

Gabrielle's bravery has inspired many to be just as brave, and the more people come forward about their own strides, the more people will feel free to be who they really are in the future. It is people like Gabrielle who are helping change the narrative around LGBT issues.

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Written by Evelyn Diaz


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