[Video] A Mom Thought a Stripper Was a Good Birthday Gift for Her 8-Year-Old Son

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[Video] A Mom Thought a Stripper Was a Good Birthday Gift for Her 8-Year-Old Son

The Internet thought otherwise.

Published April 1, 2016

An eight-year-old's birthday party turned into a ratchet mess after the birthday boy's mother decided to bring in a stripper.

Video has surfaced of the inappropriate turn up, showing the stripper giving the eight-year-old boy a lap dance as his guests look on. The dancer was allegedly bought by the young boy's mother, which is sparking major outrage on social media.

Watch the clip here:

In the clip, other children at the party can be see gawking at the boy and the exotic dancer as she gyrates around him. The New York Post reported that local Tampa Bay police were contacted in regards to the video but were unable to take action because the footage was filmed in a completely nondescript location and does not show anyone's face.

Commenters on several different sites have criticized the mother. “The mother should be put in jail and the stripper should be fined,” one disgusted video viewer said. “Disgusting.” With another adding, "This whole thing is just embarrassing."

There may be nowhere for authorities to go in terms of punishing the mother for her actions, but hopefully she has gotten wind of the criticism and will think better of how to celebrate for her son's next birthday.

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Written by Evelyn Diaz


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