Author Says Multi-Racial People Are Genetically Superior

Author Says Multi-Racial People Are Genetically Superior

Prepare for Black Twitter to explode.

Published April 4, 2016

Alon Ziv is a former researcher at UCLA and wrote a book called Breeding Between the Lines: Why Interracial People Are Healthier and More Attractive. Although the book was published nearly 10 years ago, he recently made an appearance on KPCC radio to further explain his theory.

Ziv went on to explain that human beings, much like farm crops and livestock, often grow better with an increase in cross breeding. He describes how when “you cross two different strains of wheat, two different strains of cows, anything like that, you see a lot of virility, a lot of health, a lot of fast growth in their offspring.” 

He then goes on to explain that as people, we are all trying to accomplish a perfect symmetry when it comes to our genes. The closer you get to a symmetrical gene makeup; Ziv says, the “more attractive, fertile, intelligent and athletic” you can become. 

Although he feels that through his research, the only way to achieve symmetry is through a diverse genetic background, many people are not buying what he’s selling. Buyers of the book on Amazon have reviewed it as “an example of pseudo-scientific racial propaganda,” and “slick and shallow.” 

Another commenter went as far as to say, “I always roll my eyes when I see articles like this. I've seen plenty of mixed kids who look like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, so they can spare me with this nonsense. There's beauty in all races.” 

That comment may have been a tad backhanded, but they make a valid point. 

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Written by Rachel Herron


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