New Orleans Couple Shot to Death While Asleep In Bed With a Newborn

(Photo: Dawn Scott via facebook)

New Orleans Couple Shot to Death While Asleep In Bed With a Newborn

Their violent murder has left three kids without parents.

Published April 4, 2016

A couple in New Orleans, 28-year-old Dawn Ellen Scott and 31-year-old Raynell Kimbrough, were murdered while they slept on Monday in a tragedy that still has few answers. The grisly double homicide took place while Scott's newborn baby was sleeping between them. Scott's two-year-old toddler and ten-year-old son were also in the house at the time of the horrific crime. 

Kenner police spokesperson Lt. Brian McGregor said that the crime, which is being investigated as a double homicide, was discovered just after 7:00am when Scott's ten-year-old son heard gunshots and ran to his mother's bedroom. He then knocked on the door of a neighbor, who called the police to investigate. Since then, all three children have been taken in by Child Protective Services.

Investigators say that the motive behind the killings remain unclear.

Both of the victim's families are in complete shock. Scott's mother Ellen told"I talked to her last night...She was good," adding, "She was a good girl. I can't say anything else."

Kimbrough's sister, Shaketha Kimbrough spoke with The Advocate about her brother in a similar light. "My brother was a loving person," she said. "He may have had his ups, and he may have had his downs, but he never would do nobody what they did him. And for them to literally put his girlfriend in the middle of this - a mother of three - I mean why?" She added a final warning to her brother's killer, "Whatever it may have been, it was coldhearted. And the last person you have to answer to is God, and he's going to handle it...Whoever you may be."

Police are still searching for suspects and are ooking for a gold colored vehicle, possibly a Ford Taurus, that was seen leaving the area immediately after the shootings occurred.

(Photo: Dawn Scott via Facebook)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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