[Watch] School Bus Drives Off With Student’s Father Holding on for Dear Life

School bus

[Watch] School Bus Drives Off With Student’s Father Holding on for Dear Life

And traumatizes a bus full of kids in the process.

Published April 5, 2016

A Boston father found himself going for quite the ride when a school bus driver refused to stop the vehicle with him in front.

James Burdett, along with other parents, was reportedly upset with the new route and schedule of the bus. When the bus arrived to his daughter’s stop, Burdett began to yell at the driver to stop in order for his daughter to get off.

When Burdett tried to get the driver to open the doors, the driver would not comply. Burdett then decided to stand in front of the bus; however, the driver called his bluff and began to hit the gas.

Regarding the incident, Burdett said, “When I tried to talk to him he wouldn’t open the door so I stood in front of the bus and put my hand out and said, 'Just listen, I want my daughter, that’s it,’ and I said it the first time he just pressed on the gas.”

Once the driver pulled off, Burdett didn’t have much of a choice but to hold on tight while his daughter and other children watched from inside the bus.

The driver of the bus has been place on leave and the incident is being investigated.

Watch the video of the upsetting event below:

(Photo: Getty Images)

Written by Rachel Herron


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