[Watch] Police Body-Cam Records Controversial Arrest Due to 'Loud Music'

[Watch] Police Body-Cam Records Controversial Arrest Due to 'Loud Music'

Police body-cam records controversial arrest due to “loud music.”

Published April 5, 2016

Patrick Newbern Jr., who lives in Arkansas, found himself in a scary situation that reminded him of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin.

Newbern was approached by an officer because of the loud music playing from his car; however, he was shocked when the officers used a Taser and a chemical spray on him.

The officer was wearing a body-cam which recorded the entire interaction.

The video shows Newbern parked in a lot and the Blytheville officer wearing the camera approaching him. The officer asks him for his ID, to which Newbern says he doesn’t have it on him. The officer then tells him not to go anywhere and that he would be back to draft a citation. Once Newbern sees the citation book, he attempts to pull off, but is immediately stopped by the police.

Here’s where things seem to get out of hand. The officers demanded that Newbern exit his vehicle immediately; yet, as you can see in the video, he was still wearing a seatbelt and didn’t have time to exit as quickly as they wanted.

Within seconds, the young man is pulled from the vehicle and appeared to have a Taser used on him several times.

As the scuffle continues, Newbern can even be heard shouting, “I ain’t resisting bro!” which eventually influences others to come to the scene, in defense of Newbern.

Isn’t the use of the body-cam supposed to keep things like this from happening?

 (Photo: Linda Davidson / The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Written by Rachel Herron


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