[Watch] Free Admission Day at Houston Zoo Leads to Parking Lot Fight

[Watch] Free Admission Day at Houston Zoo Leads to Parking Lot Fight

Two women started brawling in front of their kids.

Published April 7, 2016

A crazy fight broke out in the parking lot of the Houston Zoo on Free Admission Day when two moms got into an argument over a parking space. The fist fight was caught on camera by a shocked, albeit entertained, bystander. 

According to Linda Padilla, the witness who captured the fight on film, the fight began when one of the women got out of her car to try and guard an open parking spot as her own car circled around nearby. A second car tried to pull in and take the spot, and that is when ish got real. Padilla told ABC 13 News that she heard the woman standing in the spot yell, "I'm saving this spot and you can't have it." 

It was then that "the lady tried to pull in and that's when the [other] lady walked up and hit the car," Padilla said. "Then the lady jumps out of her car and they started going at it."

Padilla said that it wasn't until another woman got out of her car that the fight really heated up. A major scuffle between several women erupted, with several children witnessing the fight. Police were called to the scene, but by that time, the women had dispersed. 

The Houston Zoo released a statement regarding the fight and viral video:

"While the parking lot outside the Houston Zoo front entrance is not owned or managed by the zoo, we were disappointed to see the behavior displayed by the adults in the video. The safety and security of our guests is our priority and we work diligently with our staff and HPD to ensure visitors to the Houston Zoo are safe."

No word on who ended up nabbing the coveted parking spot.

(Photo: Gail Shotlander/Ocean/Corbis)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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