[Look] When We Say Trump, You Say Racism!

[Look] When We Say Trump, You Say Racism!

The Donald’s name was used to deface a Black fraternity memorial.

Published April 7, 2016

It’s becoming more and more apparent that many, not all, but many supporters of Donald Trump have extremely antiquated and prejudicial thoughts on the current state of the country.

Some have been shocked by the remarks and actions of a growing number of Trump supporters, however, those of us from the South know all too well that ignorant racists have always been around. The only difference is now they have a platform, and a political one at that, to spread their hatred.

Last Saturday, the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity at James Madison University learned this in an extremely painful way. After a recent graduate of the school in Virginia passed away, his fraternity brothers created a memorial for him on the campus “Spirit Rock.” The next day, they were surprised to see that their memorial had been defaced by someone painting over it and writing the words “Trump 2016” and “Trump Train.”

Now, here’s what you should know about this event. First, the Omega Psi Phi fraternity is a historically Black fraternity started in 1911. Second, the rock they used was a communal rock used for many university gatherings and events.

After the incident, JMU released a statement saying, “While we have no reason to believe that the repainting of Spirit Rock was anything more than an expression of support for a political candidate, we recognize that, for some, it only adds insult to injury during this time of loss.”

But what occurred was less of a political endorsement and more of a blatant and public sign of disrespect to the Black organization and the young man who lost his life.

This is not the first time that cruel actions have taken place in the name of Trump. How can we forget the many times that he openly condoned and encouraged violence towards Black Lives Matter protesters at his rallies?

Who can say what a Trump administration would do for this country? If the recent events are any indication, it would most certainly be a million steps backwards. 

(Photo: Omega Psi Phi via Facebook)

Written by Rachel Herron


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