[Video] Two Employees of Troubled Youth Facility Charged With Murder of Teen

Left: James Davis, Right: Justin Serak

[Video] Two Employees of Troubled Youth Facility Charged With Murder of Teen

Mystery still shrouds the events leading up to sixteen year-old Shaquan Allen's death.

Published April 8, 2016

Shaquan Allen, 16, was pronounced dead at the Allendale Association residential treatment center in Illinois. Upon investigation, two workers, James Davis and Justin Serak pictured above, were charged for his death.

The treatment facility is a specialty center that helps young men and women who are deemed to have behavioral disabilities.

After the death of Allen, “Davis and Serak initially told investigators all three slipped on some water after a struggle.” However, upon further investigation it became clear that the young man suffered from asphyxiation due to physical restraints from the two workers.

It was reported that the water found on the scene resulted from the two workers throwing water on the teen in order to wake him.

The teen was held by the throat and legs and soon lost consciousness. According to State Attorney Mike Nerheim, it took 15 minutes for someone to dial 911.

After the incident, parents of the victim were told multiple stories and became extremely frustrated with the differences in each account.

Willie Mae Allen, Shaquan’s mother, commented, “I want to know how could this happen to my baby. And nobody is telling me anything to let me know what’s really going on.”

(Photo: CBS 2 Chicago)

Written by Rachel Herron


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