Another Officer Found Not Guilty of Killing Unarmed Black Female

(Photo: Courtesy of Yvette Smith's Family)

Another Officer Found Not Guilty of Killing Unarmed Black Female

When is this going to stop?

Published April 8, 2016

Yvette Smith of Texas was shot and immediately killed when she opened the front door to her friend’s house after an argument occurred between two men.

In February 2014, Smith was involved in an altercation between two men and a gun. She called the Bastrop County police. When officer Daniel Willis arrived on the scene, he instructed Smith to come outside.

As she exited the house, Willis shouted “police” and then opened fire, shooting her twice with an automatic assault rifle. Smith was later rushed to a hospital where she died soon after.

When Willis was tried in the Bastrop County District Court of Texas for the murder of Smith, Judge Albert McCaig showed mercy towards the officer. Before he ruled on the matter, he said that Willis was “a good person, a kind person and a gentle person trying to do the right thing.”

McCaig found Willis not guilty.

Yvette Smith was not only unarmed, but she was the one who called the police to resolve the issue. There was no warning before she was shot and really no explanation as to why two shots were fired on her.

This is another unjust ruling in a shooting of an unarmed Black person, leaving many to believe that accountability is not fully held when the person committing a crime holds a badge.

(Photo: Courtesy of Yvette Smith's Family)

Written by Rachel Herron


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