[Watch] L.A. Car Chase Is Straight Out of Fast & Furious

[Watch] L.A. Car Chase Is Straight Out of Fast & Furious

Donuts, selfies and a TMZ tour bus were involved.

Published April 8, 2016

A car chase-turned-joyride that took place on Thursday on the streets of Los Angeles was pure Hollywood. Two suspects drove around the City of Angels in a convertible Mustang, and the entire city took notice. Social media users posted live videos of the two young men in the car as they drove through famous streets like Mulholland Drive, Hollywood Boulevard and even stopped in South L.A. for an impromptu block party before being taken in, peacefully, by the LAPD. 

As soon as people got wind of the camera-ready car chase, crowds started gathering in the streets to cheer on the outlaws and capture the crazy chase on their camera phones. Thanks to them, we have a crowd-sourced play-by-play of this historically hilarious moment:

The day began with the two committing a home burglary. They then took the rental Mustang and began their chase for the ages.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the chase began just after 2:00 p.m. As police pursued the Mustang, the driver weaved throughout Hollywood, did donuts in the middle of the street, threw a hamburger at a TMZ tour bus that was apparently trying to block their path and even skillfully dogded a police spike strip. 

The entertainment came to an end when the two pulled into a South Los Angeles neighborhood, posing for pictures with spectators before the police arrived with guns drawn and the two suspects, whose names have yet to be released, surrendered peacefully. They were even able to give onlookers hugs before being ushered into the police car. 

While the incident seems straight out of a movie, this was in fact real life, which means these dudes will most likely be facing some pretty hard time.

(Photo: AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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