Woke 10-Year-Old Drops Some Knowledge on Criminal Justice System

Distinguished young man

Woke 10-Year-Old Drops Some Knowledge on Criminal Justice System

He has more figured out than a lot of people.

Published April 9, 2016

Not only the adults are woke in regards to what’s going on in America. Apparently, so are the kids. This brings us to a 10-year-old student who dropped some knowledge on his class about the criminal justice system. This you’ve got to see.

“[The criminal justice system] is really not fair,” he said. “The average person that’s wealthy can easily pay their way out of prison. It’s really all about money. The people that have the money always pay their way out.”

Having his references handy, he mentioned American Crime Story: The People c. O.J. Simpson.

“It was the way that [O.J.] represented himself,” he said. “It was the way that he paid people to let him free.”

The footage, uploaded by @NaomiYitna, immediately went viral. The uploader said his passion took  off when she was mentoring at an elementary school “on debating.” She continued that she was fascinated by the student’s thought.

Take a look at the video, below:

(Photo: Getty Images)

Written by Moriba Cummings


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