[Black Girls Rock!] Woman Proves Special Ed Teachers Wrong

[Black Girls Rock!] Woman Proves Special Ed Teachers Wrong

She grew up hearing that she would “always need extra help.”

Published April 11, 2016

Emory Law School graduate Melonie Wright recently proved that she has what it takes to go the distance. Wright, who began school in special education classes, was often told that she would always need additional assistance from teachers.

However, she never let that deter her from graduating with honors from both high school and college. She also proved that she would not let adversity deter her from her goals. While in college, Wright says her experience “was marked by a terrible relationship, incidents of domestic violence, homelessness, and pregnancy....”

She continued on to law school while raising her daughter. Wright was frequently under financial and emotional duress, but she kept on pushing. In a recent Instagram post, she opened up and admitted that “law school had its struggles, with literally cents in my acct at times, paying my daughter’s medical bills when GA erroneously denied us assistance, and becoming a DIY queen because we had no choice.”

She attributes her faith in God with giving her the strength to work hard while being tested from every angle.

All of her hard work will pay off in about a month when she walks across that stage and becomes an official law school graduate.

Go on, Melonie! Show ‘em how it’s done!

So thankful for this opportunity!

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Written by By: Rachel Herron


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