Racism Is Real: College Student Comes Home to Hateful Messages

(Photo: Faramide Ifaturoti via Twitter)

Racism Is Real: College Student Comes Home to Hateful Messages

This s**t is bananas

Published April 11, 2016

Nineteen-year-old Faramade Ifaturoti came home to her dorm at The University of Warwick and was troubled to find extremely offensive racial slurs written on several bananas.

When the student returned home from class, she saw the words “monkey” and “n****r” written on bananas that were left for her. Immediately, she took to Twitter and posted, “just entered the kitchen and look at what one of my flatmates has done. I am extremely disgusted,” along with a picture of the bananas.

Ifaturoti posted the picture of the bananas to the Warwick Accommodation page with the hope of initiating an investigation. However, it appeared to take the group quite some time to acknowledge the incident and follow through.

Although the head of the accommodation group said that they were personally investigating the situation, Ifaturoti said that she was “highly disappointed that it took a Twitter escalation in order for [Warwick Accommodation] to respond.”

Following the incident, several student groups on campus have used their school papers and other media outlets to use this as an opportunity to survey race relations on campus.

Faramade Ifaturoti has been offered new housing accommodations and fellow students started a #WeStandWithFara hashtag to show their support. 

(Photo: Faramide Ifaturoti via Twitter)

Written by Rachel Herron


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