[#BLM] Emotional Protests in Chicago After Black Teen Is Shot by Police

(Photo: Pierre Loury via Facebook)

[#BLM] Emotional Protests in Chicago After Black Teen Is Shot by Police

How the 16-year-old was shot has raised more questions than answers.

Published April 13, 2016

AnotherB black teen is dead at the hands of police.

Chicago police described Pierre L. Loury as a documented gang member, but to his aunt Karen Winters, the 16-year-old was just another young man drawn to a life of violence in the Homan Square neighborhood.

“Once again, we’re looking at environment, this community, how some of these young boys are just plagued with certain influences,” she said. “But not to this extent, by no means,” referring to his alleged gang affiliation.

Loury was shot Monday night after he reportedly fled on foot from a car matching the description of a vehicle used in an earlier shooting was pulled over by police.

As the teen ran, one unnamed officer chased him and opened fire after Loury turned and pointed a gun at him, said First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante.

“A brief foot pursuit ensued leading to an armed confrontation between the fleeing offender and the officer,” police said. “During that encounter, an officer discharged his service weapon fatally striking the offender.”

Loury was brought to Mount Sinai Hospital and pronounced dead at 8:27 p.m., less than an hour after the incident took place.

Law enforcement sources later raised doubts about the connection to that earlier shooting that resulted in homicide, but said they still believed the car Loury was a passenger in was involved in another shooting earlier that night. The driver, believed to be a female, got away and is still at-large.  

Although a semi-automatic weapon was recovered at the scene, a witness, who remained anonymous out of fear of police retaliation, recalled the incident unfolding quite differently from Escalante’s account after she heard someone yell, “We got a jumper, we got a jumper.”

They shot him in the air,” she said. “His pants leg got caught on the fence and he hit the ground. If he hadn’t gotten shot, he would have cleared the fence.”

She also said she didn’t see the young man with a gun, but that it was dark.

A police source did confirm Loury was jumping the fence and his clothing got tangled.

Chicago police have yet to release the name of the officer who shot Loury, but indicated he’s been placed on paid desk duty for at least 30 days while the investigation is underway.

Hundreds gathered at the scene where Loury was shot on Tuesday night for a vigil and protest in his name.

While Loury’s Facebook page contained photos of the teen toting a gun with the letters “RMG” tattooed to his neck, which is typically associated with the “Reese Money Gang,” the boy’s mother, Tambrasha Hudson, insisted police fabricated their story.

“Everything they said on the news is not the truth. It is not the truth,” she said Tuesday, crying loudly. “It’s sad! My baby was 16, not 30. My baby was 16!”

The teen’s death marked the fifth police-involved shooting so far this year and the third fatal one.

Deshawn Nelson, a friend of Loury’s, said, “Stop the violence, we’re too young.” 

Video of the shooting can be found here:


(Photo: Pierre Loury via Facebook)

Written by Zayda Rivera


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