[Watch] Disgusting Video of Black Protester Attacked at Trump Rally in Albany

(Photo: The Albany Times-Union)

[Watch] Disgusting Video of Black Protester Attacked at Trump Rally in Albany

So much for not condoning violence at your rallies, Donald.

Published April 13, 2016

So far, the political season has been full of insults, retractions, low blows and scandals. However, thanks to the humble and modest man named Donald Trump, violence has been added to the list of things we can expect from this election.

On Monday, Trump held a rally in Albany, NY, in order to solidify his win in New York. As Trump continued with his speech at the rally, an anti-Trump demonstrator and a supporter of the candidate began to argue. As the argument escalated, the supporter, who goes by the name of Mike, smacked the protester in the face several times.

Although Trump did not appear aware of this particular incident, he did speak out about other protesters at the rally, comparing them to terrorists of ISIS. The original protester was eventually escorted out of the arena, causing Trump to respond, “It's a disgrace that somebody can behave like that. This is our arena. He comes in and then we say, ‘Let him go, let him go. Let's be nice. Let him listen and then he starts up again. This is what's happening on the border. This is what's happening with ISIS. This is what's happening to our country, and we can't let it happen. We've got to take our country back, folks.”

This incident is just another in a long list of violent outbreaks that have occurred at Trump rallies, even though the candidate swears that he has never condoned violence or retaliation at his events.

Here is a video of the scuffle:

(Photo: The Albany Times-Union)

Written by Rachel Herron


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