[Watch] Are You Buying BuzzFeed’s ‘Questions Black People Have for Black People’?

(Photo: Buzzfeed Video via Youtube)

[Watch] Are You Buying BuzzFeed’s ‘Questions Black People Have for Black People’?


Published April 14, 2016

Buzzfeed’s video "Questions Black People Have for Black People" has caused an uproar on Twitter with some viewers wondering how the content ever got approved to go live and, more than that, how the Black people in the video ever agreed to be a part of it.

With questions like “Why is it so hard to be on time?” and “How did watermelon become our thing?,” some viewers deemed it offensive and perpetuating stereotypes about Black people.

“Watermelon stereotype = slaves portrayed as simple minded & happy as long as they had watermelon #AnswersFromBlackPeople @BuzzFeedVideo,” tweeted Franchesca Ramsey and others proceeded to answer many of the questions posed in the clip.

Another wrote, “Is it just me, or did that seem like it was made for their white audience?” Others wondered who wrote the questions for the video. 

Others responded with funny memes and tweets using the hashtags #RealBlackPeopleQuestions and #BuzfeedVideoQuestions:

But not everyone was offended. A white viewer felt the video hit on points that were exactly things he's heard from his Black friends. Yes, a white man jumped into the mix on Black Twitter and brought out the "it's OK because my Black friends say it" excuse. He wrote, “I feel like the replies to this video kinda makes the point."

He added, “They weren’t well thought out but these may have been genuine questions. A few of which I know my friends have asked.” 

Check out the video for yourself below and tell us what you think. 

Written by Zayda Rivera


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