Find Out Why This Father and Son Are Superheroes

(Photo: KCNC-TV, CBS Local News Denver)

Find Out Why This Father and Son Are Superheroes

They pulled off one hell of a feat.

Published April 14, 2016

Sometimes superheroes are where you least expect them.

A Denver man and his son have been credited with saving their neighbor, Maple Clemings, from her burning home on Saturday. The father, Fred Edmonds, ran into the burning building after his son, Trey Edmonds, made him aware of the situation.

"I'm thankful he saw it because I probably wasn't that perceptive at the time," Fred said. 

Trey then described the events that followed. "We saw an open door with smoke pouring out of it and a lot of screaming," he said.

While Trey called 911 and alerted authorities of the blaze, Fred ran into the fire, recalling, "I don't care who it was, I was going to get them out of there for sure.

Trey remembered seeing his father run towards danger. "I thought he was kind of crazy," he admitted.

“I ran into the house and I saw the lady was sitting on the bed. We kicked the door open and smoke just engulfed the entire ceiling; and it hit me in the face,” Edmonds said. “The first thing I thought was just to pick her up and get her out of the house. So I picked her up and was able to carry her out of the house while the smoke was everywhere.”

Celita Hill, the daughter of the woman Edmonds saved, had nothing but gratitude for the two heroes. "Thank you. God bless you. You are the real heroes, not me," she said.

Eventually, scores of firefighters arrived to put out the inferno. While Hill and her mother are currently displaced, Red Cross has stepped in to offer temporary relief while the family gets back on their feet.

Both Hill and Clemings were treated for smoke inhalation, but then released from the hospital. 

(Photo: KCNC-TV, CBS Local News Denver)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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