[Watch] Boy Brutally Body-slammed in Bathroom Brawl at School

(Photo: Live Leak via Youtube)

[Watch] Boy Brutally Body-slammed in Bathroom Brawl at School

Young, wild, and reckless

Published April 15, 2016

Two high school boys went blow-for-blow until one was left lying on the floor.

As their brawl was being recorded by another student neither made noise. In fact, the 30-second clip showed the two boys throwing punches and falling to floor but the only sound was their heavy breathing.

It wasn’t until one boy picked the other up and body-slammed him so hard on the bathroom tile floor that he groaned in pain.

The boy left standing simply grabbed his backpack and exited the scene as another boy came into view to check on the kid knocked down. “Dude,” he said concerned. 

The viral video raises many questions about what school this took place in and who the students involved are, but there are few answers as the story develops.

Watch the shocking video below:

(Photo: Live Leak via Youtube)

Written by Zayda Rivera


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