You Won’t Believe Where This Escaped Inmate Was Found Hiding Naked!

You Won’t Believe Where This Escaped Inmate Was Found Hiding Naked!

Hint: He was just so fresh and so clean clean.

Published April 15, 2016

A 20-year-old inmate at the Jasper County Jail in Texas recently attempted a getaway to no avail. 

Wesley Evans, who was being held on charges of burglary, evading arrest and marijuana possession, escaped from the Christus Jasper Memorial Hospital while receiving an X-ray.

After escaping the hospital, he disrobed and was seen by a surveillance camera running into the woods behind a Walmart. K-9 dogs were then used to lead officers to the Timbers Apartment complex, where Evans’s girlfriend lives.

Her apartment was searched; however, there were no initial signs of Evans. A few hours later, Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Glenn Blank received an anonymous call to check the girlfriend’s apartment again. After performing a second search, officers found Evans curled up in the dishwasher in nothing but his boxers and broken handcuffs.

This discovery was a first for Blank, as he claimed, “I've heard of them being found in the refrigerator, but I've never heard of them being in the dishwasher.”

Evans has been taken back into custody and Blank stated that charges against his girlfriend might be pending.

(Photo: Jasper County Jail)

Written by Rachel Herron


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