[Watch] Gymnastics Coach's Crazy Catch Saves 11-Year-Old

(Photo: Warren Leibmann)

[Watch] Gymnastics Coach's Crazy Catch Saves 11-Year-Old

A routine jump went dangerously wrong.

Published April 17, 2016

Gymnasts make what they do look easy, even when in fact what they do defies the odds every single day.

In a recent scare, a gymnastics coach used years of expertise to save an 11-year-old from experiencing what could have been a life-threatening slip up.

As captured on video, the coach catches a female student mid-air seconds before she almost crashed head-first into the mat. Always reassuring to know your coach literally has your back.

The life-saving move occurred during a warm-up at the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Ontario Championships, where the gymnast was prating her routine on the uneven bars.

Check out the incredible save in the clip below. 

(Photo: Warren Leibmann)

Written by KC Orcutt


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