[Watch] NYPD's Treatment of Woman In Broad Daylight Looks a Lot Like Eric Garner

(Photo: Kiwi in Munich via Youtube)

[Watch] NYPD's Treatment of Woman In Broad Daylight Looks a Lot Like Eric Garner

#ICantBreathe all over again.

Published April 18, 2016

A video posted on YouTube showing an NYPD officer appearing to choke a woman while restraining her is giving people an uncomfortable sense of déjà vu. 

The video, taken from inside a moving car, shows a woman trying to run away from the officer before he grabs her from behind and walks her back to a car parked on the side of the street, holding her against the car by her neck. 

The man inside the car is heard reacting to the police abuse he is witnessing in broad daylight as their car drives past the scene.

A source told the New York Post, who first reported on the video, that the incident took place in Little Italy, saying, "He's got her good around the throat...He's forcing her backwards."

While the NYPD did not initially respond to a request for comment, they have now insisted that the video has been sent to Internal Affairs to be further reviewed. The date and circumstances of the incident are still unknown.

This video comes to light nearly two years after NYPD officers killed Eric Garner in a fairly similar fashion. Watch how presidential candidate Donald Trump got dragged for mocking Garner's famous last words with BET News:

(Photo: Kiwi in Munich via Youtube)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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