[Watch] Black Don’t Crack, But It Does Give Racist Drunks Beatdowns


[Watch] Black Don’t Crack, But It Does Give Racist Drunks Beatdowns

Don’t let the suit fool you, pops ain’t got time for no ish.

Published April 21, 2016

A Chicago a-hole got the surprise of his life when the older Black man he verbally berated with racist insults decided to fight back, literally.

The aggressor, who was reportedly drunk and belligerent, decided to exercise his freedom of speech by calling a fellow passenger the N-word for nearly fifteen minutes. The older man on the receiving end of the attack then exercised his freedom to whoop that a** and teach the ignorant white guy a thing or two about the power of that word.

Here’s the deal, people have been getting knocked out for hurling out that word since the dawn of our nation. The difference is, now it’s  2016 and everyone is walking around with a camera in their phone.

Twitter user @raresoulx was on the metro at the time of the incident. He reported the drunk rider was using racial slurs for nearly fifteen minutes, even though the older man did nothing to combat him. However, everyone has a boiling point, and when the gentleman reached his, he unleashed the youthful fighter within him.

It should also be noted that in the video everyone clearly lets the man fight as long as possible until they eventually feel like they have to step in out of principle. In no way is this condoning violence, but sometimes a little beating from an elder teaches a hard lesson that needs to be learned.

Once the brawl concluded, the drunken man was removed from the metro after peeing himself. And what about the older man? He sat back down and went on with his day.

Here are the Twitter videos of the smackdown:

(Photo: Kemond via Twitter)

Written by Rachel Herron


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