[Watch] Tragically Careless: How Did This Toddler Die in His Aunt’s Day Care?

Toddler LaVontae Swain

[Watch] Tragically Careless: How Did This Toddler Die in His Aunt’s Day Care?

Where he was found is as awful as how long he was left there.

Published April 21, 2016

A 2-year-old boy in Lexington, Kentucky, died Monday after spending three to four hours in a daycare van.

LaVontae Xavier Swain attended the Lil’ Kings and Queens Daycare, which is run by his mother’s aunt, and died of hyperthermia as a result of the heat in the van.

The driver’s identity has not been released.

He was my only child,” cried Carless Swain, the boy’s 19-year-old mother. “I called him Vontae. I called him Daddy and King.”

At the time of his death, LaVontae was living with foster parents, who had taken Carless in before she was pregnant and was now caring for her son whom she no longer had custody.   

On Monday, Carpool attendants at Gutermuth Elementary noticed the unresponsive child in the back of a van going through the carpool line and immediately called 911. He died at the scene.

Reports of the daycare not properly tracking how long children were being kept in the van surfaced last year. Inspectors discovered how some children were kept inside for “hours at a time,” while others signed on and off the van within a minute.

In fact, it’s not the first time the daycare has been under fire for violations. In 2013, individuals working at the daycare were accused of falsifying records. Other previous violations include compromising the welfare of children by leaving food out for extended periods of time and not properly attending to children at the facility.”

Still, the daycare has a star rating from the state for going above and beyond for kids.

As investigators continue looking into the LaVontae’s case, his mother wants one thing, “the truth and nothing but the truth.”

Written by Zayda Rivera


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