Word?! This Teacher Found a Way to Punish Students Using Emojis

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Word?! This Teacher Found a Way to Punish Students Using Emojis

Technology is taking over the world.

Published April 22, 2016

With every year that passes, people are forced to adapt to the advancements of technology. It should come as no surprise that teachers are adapting just as much as everyone else. Whether it be rapping original lyrics to remember a math equation or using the evolved language of texting to punish students.

The University of Electronic Science and Technology, located in China, has a teacher that has begun to take a more practical approach to punishments.

The unknown teacher has made a new rule that requires all students who are late to write out 1,000 original emojis, the common digital icons used to capture a thought or emotion. The only requirement is that the emojis cannot repeat. This punishment is like the 2016 version of repeatedly writing ‘I will not be late’ on the chalkboard.

The good thing about this sort of punishment is that the kids who have had to complete the task have been able to add their own creative flair to the emojis, just as they do in real life.

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Written by Rachel Herron


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