[Watch] Missing Teen Jorion White's Body Was Found In a Ditch

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[Watch] Missing Teen Jorion White's Body Was Found In a Ditch

Her body was found in a roadside ditch.

Published April 26, 2016

Two days after 16-year-old Jorion White went missing in Kenner, Louisiana, the young girl's body was spotted in a St. Rose drainage ditch. Her body had been dumped there and investigating deputies believe foul play is behind White's death. 

White was last seen at her home in Kenner at about 9:30pm on Thursday, and was reported missing to police on Friday evening. Kartice Reid, who described herself as White's Godmother told the New Orleans Advocate, "My baby was left on the side of the road," she said. "It don't look good, where she was found, and how she was found."

The local Sheriff's office said White's body was discovered at about 4:00pm Sunday. Major Rodney Madere said the deputies "suspect foul play," but have not determined the cause of death.

Reid spoke lovingly of the young girl and mourned her tragic death. White was just like any 16-year-old who was excited to get her first car, visit her father in Dallas this summer, and graduate high school to go on and pursue a career as a nurse. "She was just sweet all around," Reid said. "She stayed inside; she did what she was supposed to do."

White's older brother Darrius Price took to Facebook to pray for his sister. "Glad to hear that my beautiful little sister is safe with the lord," he wrote.

Reid also expressed her belief that Jorion did not leave her home at her own will. “Not the way they said she was dressed,” Reid said. “She was a perfect young lady. She liked to have her hair combed, she liked to have her dress all nice, and they found her in pink rollers. That is not something that she would normally go out of the house in.”

“She was 16 years old,” Reid said. “Her life was cut completely short.”

Our prayers are with Jorion and her mourning family. 

(Photo: Gillianne Tedder/Getty Images)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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