[WATCH] Legal or Ludicrous? This Dollar Store Clerk Refuses to Check Out Gay Customer

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[WATCH] Legal or Ludicrous? This Dollar Store Clerk Refuses to Check Out Gay Customer

This video gives terrible customer service a new low.

Published April 27, 2016

A Family Dollar employee in New Orleans reportedly refused to service a customer because she doesn’t like gay people. The customer, Melissa Langford, heard the cashier ranting about her hatred of homosexuals. When Langford engaged with the employee, things quickly escalated and Langford began recording.

In addition to posting the video, Langford, 34, recounted the entire incident on her Facebook page. Langford said the confrontation began when she overheard the store clerk say “gay people need to get 'the f***' out, they got somethin wrong in they head.” Langford continued to explain that the employee then said she could refuse anyone she wants because “gays are sick.”

This is about where Langford reached her boiling point and could no longer bite her tongue. She said that she politely told the employee, “Excuse me, but I’m very, very gay and you're really offending me. Think what you want but keep it to yourself.”

Her comment seemed to entice the employee into an explosive response, which got so heated that another customer came to Langford’s side and called the worker a “stupid a**.”

This situation comes right off the heels of the controversial anti-LGBT bill passed in North Carolina, which allows stores and businesses to refuse their goods and services to anyone that goes against their personal beliefs. 

After Langford posted about the incident, the video instantly went viral and prompted many discussions about whether or not citizens and states should be able to allow personal discriminatory practices. One Facebook user even reached out to the company and they responded by saying they are investigating the incident.

As for now, no actions have been taken toward the employee who seems very comfortable disenfranchising others, even though she is a woman of color living in a state known for their large slave population and segregation practices many years ago. A little too ironic, don’t you think?

Check out the video of the employee below. Do you think she was acting within her rights? Leave a comment and tell us what you think. 

Written by By Rachel Herron

(Photo: Keith Brofsky/Corbis)


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