[Watch] Police Run After Naked Man in Rush Hour Traffic

stopped inbound chicago traffic jam

[Watch] Police Run After Naked Man in Rush Hour Traffic

His anaconda don’t want none unless you got a warrant son.

Published April 28, 2016

With many of the disturbing and horrific incidents involving the police and Black men, every now and again its nice to look at a situation so bizarre, you can’t help but laugh. Incidentally, a police chase in San Antonio recently occurred. The police were called to the scene after a man caused quite a large public disturbance.

The unidentified man was scene frolicking (for lack of a better term) through the streets when cars were halted during rush hour. Police began to pursue the man, but it became clear that his speed was no match for the officers or their pepper spray.

The man darted through officers and vehicles swiftly and easily. Perhaps it was because he didn’t have any clothes holding him down. He even found his way on top of one of the officer’s cruisers, almost as if he was taunting them.

After more officers arrived on the scene, the man continued to bob and weave until he finally ran away. Later on, officers caught up to the man and brought him in for a psychological evaluation. He is potentially facing charges of evading arrest and criminal mischief.

Crystal Saldana caught the whole thing on video, which is the first one below. 

The uncensored video is the second below. 

Written by By Rachel Herron

(Photo: Allkindza/Getty Images)


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