[WATCH] Father Shares Video of Himself Boxing His Son Bloody After Boy Cuts Class

[WATCH] Father Shares Video of Himself Boxing His Son Bloody After Boy Cuts Class

Is this discipline or child abuse?

Published April 29, 2016

One dad took a fist — or two or three or four — to his son’s face and body after the boy cut class.

In a video posted online, the father explained that he was going to challenge his 17-year-old son to a boxing match as a form of discipline for leaving school and in order to teach the young man how to defend himself.

While the man’s identity is unclear, he originally posted the now viral video, which has reportedly been viewed over 1.5 million times, on Facebook and told viewers, “Now, it’s discipline time because he didn’t do what I told him to do.”

He can then be seen adjusting the camera before proceeding to face off with his son, punching him repeatedly and telling the teen to look at his own blood splattered on the wall.

After several minutes of yelling and hitting the kid, who was unsuccessful in landing one return blow, the father told him to go clean himself up.

The teen’s bruised and swollen face is then shown up close with his bloody white T-shirt in view as his father instructed him to say hello to the friends he was skipping school with and sorry to his teacher. The boy did as he was told.

“For ya’ll that got kids, teenagers, girls I don’t know, but I got sons and I treat them like men,” he said.

The video received mixed reviews with some supporting the father’s hard-love disciplinary tactics while others criticized him for being a bully to his son, whose name is not known.

“Can’t wait til all the bleeding heart liberal pu***** see this and comment: ‘You can’t hit a child. You should go to jail!’ Newsflash, he’s not a child anymore, he’s 17. Almost at that age to get in the military, go to college, and even be out on his own,” one viewer wrote. “This generation needs to learn to grow up, to be forged into real men. There needs to be consequences for being ... disrespectful, plain and simple.”

Father to father, another man wrote, “Nah bruh, he may swing but he won’t put much on it cause your his father. Punishment don’t fit the crime, you went way overboard. BTW, my son in college I went to the chest never the face.”

One viewer went as far as to warn the father that this “is why u find some kids killing their parents.” 

Written by Zayda Rivera

(Photo: Oleksiy Maksymenko/imageBROKER/Corbis)


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