[Watch] Kids These Days: 50 Teens Pepper Sprayed During School Wide Fight

Close up of Pepper spray. (Photo: AlexTurton / Getty Images)

[Watch] Kids These Days: 50 Teens Pepper Sprayed During School Wide Fight

Almost 200 students were involved in the altercation.

Published April 29, 2016

Edgewater High School in Orlando, Florida, was recently put on lockdown when an incident involving several students escalated out of control.

Although it’s unclear as to how the fight began, it was apparent that the incident involved many students at the school. As the fight grew outside of the school cafeteria, nearly 200 students gathered around the scene.

The school was placed on a lockdown when the students refused to stop the fighting and school officials intervened. When the school’s resource officer ran out of ideas, they released pepper spray on the crowd. The principal of the school stated that pepper spray was used “to control the situation before it escalated any further."

Nearly 50 students were taken to the school nurse and seen by the Orlando Fire Rescue to get treatment for the suffering they experienced after being sprayed. Three of the students were transferred to a local hospital for more severe medical care.

Two students are facing charges for disorderly conduct and resisting without violence, although it is not known as to whether or not the students are responsible for the fight.

Regardless of what exactly occurred, many people feel that pepper spray should have never been used on kids. Taylor Fleetwood, a sophomore at the school, said, “[students] were screaming because they couldn't see. They were just yelling, running around.” 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: AlexTurton / Getty Images)


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