[Watch] Baltimore Cop Explains Why He Shot a 13-Year-Old to Victim's Brother

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[Watch] Baltimore Cop Explains Why He Shot a 13-Year-Old to Victim's Brother

The officer says he thought Derdric Colvin's fake gun was real.

Published April 29, 2016

A video posted by Facebook user Rickey Gibbs Jr. has gone viral with over 53,000 views and nearly 250 comments. It's not because of something funny or cute, but instead because Gibbs caught on camera a Baltimore police officer defending his shooting a 13-year-old boy for holding a fake BB gun — to the boy's older brother.

The officer, who the Baltimore Sun has identified as Major Deron Garrity, spoke to Alvin Colvin about his brother Dedric Colvin's injuries. Dedric was reportedly shot once in the shoulder and once in the leg.

The video shows Garrity speaking to Colvin, "Your little brother had a gun," he said. "I can tell you right now that the gun looks 100 percent real. A thousand percent real." Colvin stands defiantly as Garrity continues. "No cop wants to shoot anybody," he adds. "But if somebody's got a gun, how am I supposed to tell these officers, 'Hey make sure that he shoots you first, and then you can do it?'"

Colvin then has some questions of his own. "But if he's not pointing it at police, why do they got the right to shoot?"

To which Garrity responds, "He did." The officer continues, "I know he's your little brother and thank God he's going to be OK." Colvin tells the officer he wants to be at the hospital with his brother as the video ends.

Thus far, no one from the video has responded to requests for comment. All reports state that young Dedric is expected to make a full recovery, but this incident could have just has easily ended with another Black child wrongfully killed by police.

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Written by By Evelyn Diaz

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