[Watch] Shopping Vigilante Confronts Professional Peeping Tom

[Watch] Shopping Vigilante Confronts Professional Peeping Tom

Police found multiple “up-skirt” videos on this creep’s phone

Published May 2, 2016

Candice Spivey became a hero to women everywhere when she confronted a man who she recognized as being known for filming women while they changed or wore skirts. Spivey was shopping for bikinis in a Yulee, Florida, store when Jeffrey Polizzi approached her and she immediately knew she had to turn the camera on him.

When Polizzi, 31, approached her, he began asking her if she was wearing panties. Spivey had actually encountered the man two years earlier in a different store when he approached her and asked her similar sexual questions. However, when it happened this time, she took out her phone and recorded the interaction.

Eventually Spivey asked the man if he remembered their previous interaction, which caused him to flee the scene. Although he took off running, Spivey didn’t let that stop her from capturing the voyeur. She followed the man on foot and chased him across the parking lot until he eventually got into his car and fled.

When Spivey initially chased the man, she instructed store employees to call the police. Eventually, police officers caught up to Polizzi in his vehicle and arrested him for reckless driving. Spivey was frustrated that her efforts seemed to only result in an arrest for his driving; however, after officers encouraged women who have interacted with Polizzi to come forward and testify. Several women have already come forward to describe their awful interactions with the man. Many of them were filmed by way of a camera mounted to his shoe. This is a popular method for people to film up the skirts of women.

Spivey’s video can be seen below:

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: lucapierro/RooM the Agency/Corbis)


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