[WTFlorida] Man Accused of Killing Tourist and That's Not the Worst Part

[WTFlorida] Man Accused of Killing Tourist and That's Not the Worst Part

What he did with her body after she died will horrify you.

Published May 2, 2016

Timothy Johnson, a 25-year-old Florida resident, has been arrested for allegedly killing 52-year-old Judith Therianos, and having sex with her dead body. Police say an autopsy revealed that Therianos died from blunt force trauma and may have been killed while having sex with Johnson.

To make matters even more grisly, police say that Johnson continued to have sex with the dead woman's body "for a while" after he killed her. Her skeletonized corpse was found off of Highway 19 in Florida several weeks after she had disappeared. 

Therianos had traveled to Florida from Maine to visit friends. She went missing as she was traveling from one friend's home to another. On April 25th, local police announced that they had arrested Johnson in connection to the murder. Investigators said the two allegedly met at a liquor store and that Johnson killed Therianos while the two were having sex. He then took her debit card and used it to buy a meal at a nearby Waffle House, before returning to have sex with Therianos' corpse. 

Sheriff Chris Nocco voiced his concern that this might not be Johnson's only victim. "This is a very sick individual. For what he did to Judith, for the acts he continued to perform, and that's why we're going to investigate to see if there's any other cases he may be linked to," he said.

WISHTV8 spoke to Richard Bowie, a Therianos family spokesman. "They're not in good shape. They've actually asked us to speak for them because they're emotionally devastated. I know that the family will need some time," he said. "She was a very free and loving person. One of those kinds of people that makes everybody happy everywhere she comes into contact with them."

Bowie, who was originally hired by the family to lead the search and rescue team added that the family will be monitoring every aspect of the case going forward, making sure that their beloved Judith gets the justice she deserves.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

Mugshot. (Photo: Pasco County Sheriff's Office)

(Photos from top: Joseph Sohm; Visions of America/CORBIS, Pasco County Sheriff's Office)


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