Horrible: Find Out How an L.A. Gym Rat Put His Infant In Danger to Work Out

Horrible: Find Out How an L.A. Gym Rat Put His Infant In Danger to Work Out

He nearly killed his daughter to pump iron.

Published May 2, 2016

Some people take their commitment to working out way, way too far.

Solomon Allen, a father and gym-obsessed personal trainer, has been arrested for leaving his 8-month-old daughter in his car while he worked out inside of a North Hollywood gym.

He reportedly left his crying baby daughter in his unlocked car, with the motor running, in a garage across the street from his gym. He is now facing charges of child endangerment, and according to New York Daily News, Allen is now in jail with a $100,000 bond. 

The little girl was found by a maintenance worker after Allen was gone for an hour. The worker then reported to his supervisor, Jose Rivera, who recounted the discovery. "He [the maintenance worker] went into panic mode," he said. "He couldn't believe what he was seeing. A baby. Nobody around in the parking lot, not even walking by." He added, "He knew the baby had been — in his eyes — abandoned inside the vehicle. And the baby just seemed really bothered, in the baby seat and just constantly crying."

LAPD captain Stephen Carmona said the young girl was evaluated at the hospital before being returned to her mother. The girl was not injured. He added, "'It's extremely careless and it's very selfish to leave an infant that's 8-months-old in a car with the motor running, unlocked in a parking structure at a public business."

Carmona noted that 290 cars have been stolen in North Hollywood this year.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Solomon Allen via Instagram)

(Photos from top: Nice One Productions/Corbis, Solomon Allen via Instagram)


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