Grandmother Trying to Get Five-Year-Old's Teacher Fired After Shocking Abuse

Grandmother Trying to Get Five-Year-Old's Teacher Fired After Shocking Abuse

Her story will have you consider home schooling.

Published May 3, 2016

Tracy Davis, a Georgia resident, is looking to make heads roll after her five-year-old, special needs grandson was tied to a chalkboard and made to hang by his belt at the top of the board by his teacher as some kind of punishment.

Davis told WSBTV that the Shoal Creek Elementary principal found her grandson hanging from the chalkboard. "He was in distress because he was screaming and hollering," Davis said. "He just said he was sad because, you know, he was scared, he was only five, and he's hanging from the top of the blackboard."

Davis said the Division of Family and Children Services interviewed her grandson and learned that this was not a one-time incident, and that the teacher has inflicted this form of out-of-line punishment in the past.

The school told her that it is disciplining two teachers and a paraprofessional because of the incident, but Davis is not satisfied. "I don't want those teachers to ever have the privilege to teach again," she said.

Rockdale County Public Schools told WSBTV in a statement that the school district "takes all matters of this kind very seriously and is currently conducting a full investigation."

Hopefully her grandson will be able to recover from this emotional and physical trauma, and the monsters responsible will be punished in a similar way.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Jeffrey Coolidge)


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