Tragic: Off-Duty Marine Killed While Trying to Stop Domestic Violence Attack

Tragic: Off-Duty Marine Killed While Trying to Stop Domestic Violence Attack

Anthony Antell will be remembered as a hero.

Published May 5, 2016

Sometimes good deeds come at a tragic cost.

An off-duty Marine named Anthony Antell is being both celebrated as a hero and mourned after he was shot and killed while trying to help a woman in the middle of a domestic dispute. Antell, a father of three, saw a 22-year-old man named Ricci Braden shoot a gun at his wife's feet during a public dispute outside of a Walgreens in Texas on Monday. He then rushed to confront Braden in attempt to make a citizen's arrest, but the confrontation ended in a fatal shooting that claimed Antell's life.

Braden drove away from the scene of the crime, but later turned himself in to authorities. This tragic loss is made even more senseless by the fact that Braden's argument with his wife was over a selfie she posted on social media, which he thought was her attempt to gain attention from other men.

Braden's wife spoke to WFAA to explain the circumstances that lead to Antell's death. "I was trying to explain it to him, that 'I married you,'" she told the station. "'You're all the attention that I needed.' And I could feel that he was getting mad, so I tried to walk off, and that's when I heard him pull the gun out."

The couple has only been married about two months.

Police Lt. Chris Cook told The Dallas Morning News that while Braden is being held on murder charges, is difficult to determine when an armed Samaritan, like Antell, should have intervened in a deadly situation in the first place. "What was really traumatic, the Good Samaritan's spouse was here and witnessed this," he told WFAA-TV. "I can't imagine going through that."

Cook added that the best thing for onlookers to a crime can do is to be the "best witness you can be," and that, "sometimes things turn out like this when you're trying to stop a bad guy."

Antell's family pastor, Marc Lowrance spoke highly of Antell's heroism. "He had a great sense of being a defender of what was right, we saw that with his family and with his business," Lowrance said. "He had a great ideal of protecting what was good and what was right."

Jake Mizell, a close friend of Antell's set up a GoFundMe page to help his family, and has raised over $17,000 in a single day. On the page, Mizell wrote, "T.J. [Antell] was a husband, a father and a great coach...If we rally together, we can show others just how thankful we are for T.J." 


Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Ashley Landis/The Dallas Morning News via AP Photo)


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