[Developing] Law Enforcement Officer Is Suspect in Maryland Shooting Spree

BELTWAY, MD - MAY 5  Police and investigators sealed off  the campus of High Point High School in Beltway, MD on May 5, 2016. A shooting there resulted in 1 death and 1 wounded. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

[Developing] Law Enforcement Officer Is Suspect in Maryland Shooting Spree

The homeland security agent is accused of killing his wife and two others.

Published May 6, 2016

Eulalio Tordil, a 62-year-old federal law enforcement agent, is in custody after shootings at two Maryland shopping centers that left two dead and two more wounded. Tordil is also suspected of killing his estranged wife in a high school parking lot on Thursday.

Initially, it was not clear if all three shootings were related, but police said earlier Friday that they were investigating the "possible link" between the murder on Thursday and the two shootings on Friday. 

The violence began at 11:30am at a Bethesda mall, where two men and one woman were shot. One man later died in the hospital. The other man is in critical condition while the woman is, luckily, recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

20 minutes after the initial report, police responded to gunfire at a supermarket in Silver Spring, where a woman was fatally shot.

Tordil, a Homeland Security agent, had been on the run since allegedly shooting and killing his wife on Thursday. Tordil was recently placed on administrative leave and was required to surrender his government-issued weapons, badge and other credentials. 

Montgomery County Police Assistant Chief Darryl McSwain said that the first shooting on Friday occurred after a "confrontation" in the parking lot. He said, "One individuals was shot. Two other individuals came to that person's aid." He added that police believe that the victims and the shooter did not know each other, "but we are certainly looking at all angles."

The shooting has put the area on high alert, with schools and parks in Bethesda and Montgomery put on lockdown and roadblocks and police activity slowing traffic in the D.C. area.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post via Getty Images)


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