[Watch] Good Parenting Or Nah: Here's Why People Are Flipping Out Over This Video Of A Baby Swimming

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 16:  A toddler held by his mother swims underwater during a swimming class for babies at Lane Cove pool March 16, 2007 in Sydney, Australia. As the baby boom in Australia continues, the popularity of swimming classes for babies and toddlers is also on the increase. About 80% of the Australian population live on the coast, with swimming and surfing being major pastimes, leading parents to introduce their kids to water at an early age  (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

[Watch] Good Parenting Or Nah: Here's Why People Are Flipping Out Over This Video Of A Baby Swimming

Would you report this mother for what she did?

Published May 8, 2016

Who knew a simple weekend activity with a baby could be one of the most talked-about videos on the internet.

A clip of a baby struggling to stay afloat in a swimming pool has sparked outraged many of its nearly 500,000 viewers.

The video, which is captioned, "So hard to watch but every kid should learn this young!" shows a baby girl stepping off of a step in the shallow end of the pool. She falls in face first, and while she is able to flip herself afloat and mostly maintain her mouth and nose above water, many feel the infant is clearly in distress. 

The video continues for about a minute and a half before a woman finally picks the baby out of the water. 

While babies do have a natural ability to swim, as displayed in the video, many commenters are quite disgusted.

One wrote, "I can't f-ing watch this. This woman is crazy!!!!...They are selfish animals exploiting the child for a little attention. The suck!!"

Another posted, "This [poor] baby shouldn't be taught how to swim till there at least able to talk. Why do people thing this is good? This child needs the comfort of a parent."

One more even wondered if this could be considered child abuse. "Oh my god, id never and these people are crazy...if child protection services saw this they'd have a cow!!!"

Many commenters do commend the parents for teaching their adorable daughter to face the pool as early as she does. And many admit that while it may seem cruel, if this family does, in fact, have a pool in their backyard, it is wise to teach their children how to swim as early as possible, to avoid potential tragedy later down the line.

One thing that all can agree on is that everybody has an opinion when it comes to parenting.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Ian Waldie/Getty Images)


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