[Monster] Man Does The Unspeakable to His Special Needs Stepdaughter Before Killing Her

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[Monster] Man Does The Unspeakable to His Special Needs Stepdaughter Before Killing Her

Justice for Holli Jeffcoat.

Published May 11, 2016

This is one of the most gruesome and tragic stories of physical abuse we've heard in a while.

The body of an 18-year-old special needs woman named Holli Jeffcoat was been found with her throat cut, and her uterus torn out of her body. Jeffcoat's remains were found in a partially burned-down home in Idalou, Texas. She was 13 weeks pregnant when she died.

Her stepfather was already in jail for committing sexual abuse crimes against Jeffcoat, and now her mother has been arrested, and charged for helping to cover up the crimes.

Jeffcoat's stepfather, James Holland, was charged on three counts of sexual abuse for raping and impregnating his teenage stepdaughter in March. His abuse of the teenager has been suspected to go as far back as 2008, and in 2010 Jeffcoat tested positive for STD in a blood sample. No charges were brought against him at the time. 

Now, the victim's mother, Debi Holland, has been arrested on a charge of aggravated sexual assault, and is accused of having "first hand knowledge" of James' abuse, and helping him to cover it up. While police have not charged anyone with Jeffcoat's murder, the warrant does link Holland to the crime, stating that the home was set ablaze in an attempt to hide the gruesome details.

Police also alleged that Holland might have prevented medical exams that could have detected signs of rape and sexually transmitted diseases passed from himself to his stepdaughter.

Jeffcoat came forward to school officials and the Children’s Advocacy Center to accuse him of raping and impregnating her. “She didn’t want to go home with dad because she didn’t want to have sex,” KCBD-TV reported. The teen also admitted that she could feel the baby inside of her during P.E. class, and that her stepdad intended to abort the fetus with the clothes hanger.

Sadly, it doesn't sound like this young woman had anyone in her life to protect her.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Take A Pix Media/Getty Images)


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