[Watch] Did This Man Beat His Girlfriend's Kids Over Potty Training?

[Watch] Did This Man Beat His Girlfriend's Kids Over Potty Training?

The little ones were found covered in bruises.

Published May 12, 2016

There's a clear line between discipline and abuse, and Jaron Jones allegedly crossed it.

The Missouri resident has been charged with three counts of abuse or neglect of a child after being accused of beating his girlfriend's two-year-old twins, and three-year-old girl, over a potty training accident. 

WDAF reported the 30-year-old Jones was charged when police were called to Children's Mercy Hospital after the girls' mother, Amber McGuire, brought them in with bruises on their inner thighs, bottoms, and backs. 

Jones is McGuire's boyfriend and helps to watch the kids while she works for 12 hours a day. "The defendant seemed to have unrealistic expectations for potty training kids at the age of 2 and 3," the charges read. McGuire took photos of their injuries on her cellphone and confronted Jones, who claimed to have no idea where the injuries came from.

Jones told WDAF that he takes the girls to the parks and likes to take photos to capture their moments together. "Being a man, the best feeling in the world is being a father," Jones said. He added, "The allegations are false that I beat her kid. Like I just hauled off and beat a three-year-old? What? No, no." 

Court documents do state, however, that he was upset over a potty training accident, and he did admit to using spanking as a form of punishment. "Lauree just pulled off her diaper and just, I immediately said, 'wow, this is the first time it happened,' my kids never did this. I got Lauree cleaned up and I did spank Lauree but I didn't cause those bruises," he told WDAF.

McGuire has one daughter with Jones, and was awarded full custody of her last year. That child is not one of the three children involved in the alleged abuses.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images)


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