[Look] Hateful Cartoon Depicting Michelle Obama and Melania Trump Has People Outraged

[Look] Hateful Cartoon Depicting Michelle Obama and Melania Trump Has People Outraged

How could anyone think this racist depiction was a clever idea.

Published May 15, 2016

A wildly inappropriate cartoon depicting Michelle Obama and Donald Trump’s wife Melania has surfaced, and the responses following have appropriately been fuming. 

Cartoonist Ben Garrison tweeted a photo of his latest work, portraying the current First Lady as masculine, angry and butch, while Mrs. Trump was depicted in a much more feminine light. Next to Mrs. Trump were the words, “Make the First Lady great again!” 

Garrison has since been accused of racism after this controversial depiction, as he should be. 

Twitter users responded furiously to the cartoon, bringing attention to the racist overtones playing off of the stereotype that black women are angry and masculine, as well as the cartoonist’s apparent need to denigrate Obama in order to portray the possible future First Lady in a more favorable light. Absolutely disgusting.

Not to mention, on top of all of that, Garrison also drew a bulge in Obama’s dress, which resulted in angry comments pointing out the misogynistic and trans-misogynistic nature of his decision to depict these women in the ways that he did. 

Garrison is known for his shocking political cartoons, and judging from his work, it’s no secret he appears to be in favor of the current front-running Republican candidate.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Global Goals, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)


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