[Listen] Deeply Disturbing: Online Gamer Accidentally Live Streamed Himself Raping a Woman

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[Listen] Deeply Disturbing: Online Gamer Accidentally Live Streamed Himself Raping a Woman

Amazingly, he may not face charges.

Published May 22, 2016

Horrifying on so many levels.

An online gamer from New Mexico, Joe Ortega, who goes by the handle JoeDaddy505 has been accused of attacking and raping a woman after he accidentally broadcasted the incident on a livestream that was watched by thousands of people.

Ortega has finished playing a game of NBA 2K16 but forgot to turn the audio off on his console. In the five minute clip, Ortega can be heard slurring threatening words. As a woman cries and screams that she will call the police, Ortega responds, "You straight s***. No one's gonna f***ing watch over you."

The horrific audio was heard by thousands as the woman screamed for Ortega to get off of her. 

He is heard laughing in response and making a string of insults, yelling, "You're a w***e. You're a straight f**king w***e. One hundred per cent w***e. A f**king w***e."

The audio clip is below, but be warned, it is deeply disturbing and is for mature listeners only.

The original audio recording was listened to over 600,000 times before being deleted by the online gameplay website Twitch, that Ortega was broadcasting on.

New Mexico police were quickly made aware of the video, which was traced back to Ortega's home in Valencia County. Police told KRQE that right now they cannot take any action because the audio recording is not enough to press charges. They added that they need the victim to come forward.

Ortega appeared to claim innocence on an Instagram post that has since been deleted saying that he "fell" on the woman in question. Although, Ortega may not have actually posted the note himself, as all of his social media accounts have apparently been hacked. The post read, "You guys have it all twisted up. I'm getting so much hate right now. Literally [I] am getting 30 DMs after and after I got drunk yes I know I did my father recently passed away And we had an argument couple days ago and she brought it back up on stream so I might have got upset. NO I did not rape her. I hit her and fell on top of her and hit her again. I know I shouldn't have done that. It's a f***ed up move I made. I'm sorry."

Additionally, a spokesperson for Twitch came forward with a statement regarded the audio broadcast and subsequent allegations. "Twitch reaches out to appropriate law enforcement in cases where there is a credible threat of imminent physical harm or actual harm to others," it read. "And provides them with information sufficient to respond to the immediate incident to the extent we have it."

If Ortega is guilty of what so many believe he is, hopefully his victim comes forward, so he is made to answer for his heinous crime.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo from top: BananaStock, Joe Ortega via Twitter)


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