[Watch] WARNING! The Story Behind the Viral Video of a Young Woman's Hair Loss Due to Harsh Weaves

(Photo: RAZOR CHIC via Instagram)

[Watch] WARNING! The Story Behind the Viral Video of a Young Woman's Hair Loss Due to Harsh Weaves

Her before and after pictures are a must-see miracle.

Published May 30, 2016

The positives of weaves are well known to millions of women all over the world, but unfortunately, they can also have some pretty serious repercussions. If a weave is either too tight or left in too long, or simply not cared for correctly, dramatic hair loss can occur.

The official term of this kind of hair loss is traction alopecia and more often than not the affects are permanent. But now, an Atlanta salon owner may have a solution for women devastated by this condition. A video that has gone viral on Instagram is showing ladies that all hope is definitely not lost when it comes to hair loss.

Jasmine Collins at Razor Chic of Atlanta is something of an Instagram star, with 400,000 followers. After seeing these before and after images, the reason is clear.

Collins proudly posted a video of a young woman who is suffering from extreme hair loss, making sure to tell her followers to treat the young woman with respect and love and thanking her for her bravery. "LET ME START BY SAYING THIS IS NOT FUNNY SO PLS KEEP YOUR SMART COMMENTS OFF THIS POST.  THIS BABY IS 23 YEARS OLD AND SUFFERING FROM SEVERE HAIRLOSS DUE TO BRAIDS, SEW-INS QUICK WEAVES ECT," Collins wrote. "JUST BY HER LETTING ME POST THIS WILL CHANGE LIVES ALL ACROSS THE WORLD. THANK U FOR BEING A BLESSING. AGAIN LET ME SAY THAT I'M NOT ANTI WEAVE U JUST CAN NOT LIVE BY IT ON A EVERYDAY BASIS."

The before video is tragic, as the beautiful young woman is clearly upset over her hair loss. The after photos, which show the same girl with a great 'do after Collins worked her magic, are not to be believed!

The world needs more people like these two wonderful ladies: Collins is clearly using her incredible talent for good and the young woman, as the stylist herself said, is helping "change lives all across the world."

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: RAZOR CHIC via Instagram)


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