[UPDATE] Watch: The Shocking Moment Mamadou Diallo Killed the Man Trying to Rape His Wife

Murdered man's feet killed by a young adult with a baseball bat. (Photo: FelixRenaud/Getty Images)

[UPDATE] Watch: The Shocking Moment Mamadou Diallo Killed the Man Trying to Rape His Wife

The Bronx resident beat the perp with a tire iron.

Published June 2, 2016

Bronx native Mamadou Diallo was charged with manslaughter for killing the man who tried to kill his wife. Now, footage has been released of Diallo savagely beating would-be-rapist  Earl Nash  to death with a tire iron.

Surveillance footage from inside the Bronx apartment building shows a half-naked Nash pacing by the elevator as he attempts to flea the apartment.

The video is graphic and may not be suitable for some readers.

(Photo: Bronx News12)

Nash later died at Lincoln Hospital from "severe trauma to his head and body" about three hours after his arrival. Diallo was arrested on charges of manslaughter, but those charges have since been downgraded to assault.

His wife, Nenegale Diallo, said she thought Nash was going to kill her, saying," While it was going on, I was thinking I was going to die."

The two men clashed in the 6th floor elevator, which was left covered in blood after the altercation.

Diallo has gained praise from his community for protecting both his wife and her sister, who Nash also attempted to rape, with a neighbor telling NY Daily News, "He seemed like a fine gentleman. He's a hard-working person. You don't see him getting into any kind of trouble," she said of Diallo.

Nash on the other hand had a long history of crime, with 19 previous arrests. He was released on parole in 2015 for a harassment charge.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: FelixRenaud/Getty Images)


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