Watch: Man Gruesomely Stabs His Pregnant Wife to Death for Truly Bizarre Reason

(Photo: Norwich Police)

Watch: Man Gruesomely Stabs His Pregnant Wife to Death for Truly Bizarre Reason

After murdering Margarette Mady, he set their home on fire.

Published June 7, 2016

39-year-old Patrick Antoine turned himself in after he fatally stabbed his wife and then set their home on fire in Norwich, Connecticut. Afterward, Antoine went to the Norwich County police department and confessed to his crimes, but not without giving a truly bizarre motive: his wife was a voodoo priestess.

In a police report, Antoine explained that his wife, Margarette Mady, was a Haitian immigrant and had cast several voodoo spells on him throughout the course of their marriage. He explained that he believed that child she was carrying was not his and that she told him that she would kill him as a sacrifice before the child was born.

According to the report, Antoine and Mady had a verbal fight on the morning of the incident. As the couple argued, Antoine grabbed a knife and put it into his pocket. When the argument continued, Mady reportedly pushed Antoine, which resulted in him pulling out the knife and stabbing her several times in the head and feet. After, he took out a lighter and set the curtains on fire, which spread throughout the house. 

Ccovered in blood, he immediately went to the police station and said, “My wife is dead. I killed my wife.”

Antoine is being charged with murder and arson and his bond was set at $1 million. No family members have commented on the voodoo claims, but her cousin said, “She was a wonderful person.”

Video of the report below:


Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Norwich Police)


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